A new commitment as part of the “supporting education” mission

26 January 2024 | Our actions

The installation of a Safe Water Cube fountain in a school reduces absenteeism by 85%, while the number of children attending school rises by more than 25%”.

This sentence caught our attention!

The Safe Water Cube is a water fountain that makes all surface water (from rivers, ponds, wells or brackish water) drinkable.

As we continue our discovery of the Agir Ensemble association, the creators of the Safe Water Cubes, we realize that schools without water points are unable to provide children with regular, ongoing education.

As part of its “Supporting education” mission, the Jacques Martel Foundation was keen to make a commitment alongside Safe Water Cube and support a project of general interest by helping to finance a fountain for a school in Senegal.

The fountain is due to be inaugurated in late April or early May.

Some optimistic testimonials to come soon!