The Jacques Martel Foundation’s missions

Promote access to healthy and sustainable food



As actors in the food chain, the members of the foundation are committed to working for a sustainable, reasoned, and constructive development of our food resources. Also, by getting involved in the support of a responsible agriculture that respects our environment and by raising the awareness of the young generation to this challenge, the foundation expects to bring its contribution and its support to this fundamental issue for our future society.

Protection of our marine resources


For the foundation, the protection of our marine resources was an obvious choice. Jacques Martel was able to convey his passion and love for the sea, sailing and all the human and environmental values that necessarily follow from it. The foundation is aware of the fragility of this ecosystem, which was so dear to him and wants, through various actions and financial support, to take part in the preservation of biodiversity and marine species.




Jacques Martel has always had a particular interest in education and the development of young people.
Whether it is to fight against school dropout, to promote access to learning and culture, or to militate for an open and caring school, the Jacques Martel foundation has decided to get involved!
With the following mission: “Supporting education! “, our objective is to support the initiatives of local and national associations that work in an inspiring way for our children.

Help children with life threatening illness and their families.


Children are the present and the future of the world. They need to be protected so that they can live, grow, and thrive.
These needs are multiplied for sick children and their families, participating in their struggles and their victories is essential for them and for us.
The Jacques Martel foundation is part of this crucial mission by supporting associations committed to this cause.

Supporting the culture and heritage around us



Having a positive local impact on one’s territory is a form of territorial responsibility that the Jacques Martel foundation is committed to defending through its mission “Supporting the Culture and Heritage that surround us”.
Participating in the safeguarding of historic buildings or promoting the diffusion of contemporary cultural richness are among our objectives, in view to contribute to the vitality of the territory and its inhabitants.