Promoting a love of reading



Here’s a mission that caught our attention!

It’s that of the association Lire et faire Lire, which the Jacques Martel Foundation recently decided to support.

Through this mission, the association Lire et faire Lire pursues two objectives:

  • An educational objective, relating to the development of reading and language skills,
  • An intergenerational social objective, promoting exchanges between children and senior citizens.

And it works!

However, the formula deserves to be better known, especially among volunteer readers. That’s why the Jacques Martel Foundation is helping the regional branch to promote the association to senior citizens who would like to become readers.

You will soon hear a recruitment campaign on the radio. And for those lucky enough to be among the next recruits, thanks to the participation of the Jacques Martel Foundation, several meetings with authors are planned, to discover the pleasure of passing on the love of reading in a different way.

Partenariat Lire et Faire Lire - Mission Education