A new partnership to encourage children to read!

20 July 2023 | Our actions

Supporting education is one of the 5 missions of the Jacques Martel Foundation and is divided into several themes, including “Promoting access to learning and culture”.

With this in mind, the Jacques Martel Foundation has entered into a partnership with a national association that is very active in our area: Lire et Faire Lire.

The aim of this association is to give as many people as possible access to reading, which is synonymous with access to education, culture, imagination and free will.

To achieve this, the association calls on volunteer readers to come and lend a hand to the teaching staff, during school or extra-curricular time, by reading books to children (from nursery to secondary school).

The Jacques Martel Foundation is delighted to support the Lire et Faire Lire association in a specific project: recruiting volunteers (if you are interested => join them ! ) and training them with authors/illustrators.