It’s time for generosity!

11 April 2024 | Actuality


📣 The Jacques Martel Foundation is delighted to announce the date of its philanthropic dinner !

It will take place on 13 June 2024, at the Maison Adrien, in Pégomas.

We’re pleased to use all our resources into the organization of this charity event once again.


🥁 This year is a special edition!

Under the theme of childhood, we are involving 4 of the Foundation’s key associations:

The Association Adrien supports children faced with illness, and has set up a holiday house dedicated́ to sick and/or disabled children: the Maison Adrien, which is hosting our event

Des Enfants et des Arbres raises children’s awareness of their environment through agroforestry projects run jointly by a farmer and a school of the same area

Lire et faire lire aims to give children a taste for reading

The Association LÉA supports the families of children with illnesses or disabilities, throughout their healthcare journey

All the funds raised before and during the evening will be divided equally between the associations.


For the occasion, the International Club Les Toques Blanches – Côte d’Azur section will be proposing a bistronomic menu, with a focus on taste and recreation!

More than just an association, it’s a Club of renowned Chefs, federated around two strong values:

– Quality and respect for culinary tradition

– The desire to train and pass on knowledge

We are also glad to be working with The Apprentis d’Auteuil association which helps teenagers and young adults in the region to build their future. Some of these young people are interested in catering and will be in charge of service throughout the evening