Jacques Martel Foundation beside to the association Project Rescue Ocean !

22 November 2022 | Our actions

European waste reduction week is the occasion for the foundation to reaffirm its commitments and his combat for a greener planet. The association Project Rescue Ocean and ๐‘ฑ๐’‚๐’„๐’’๐’–๐’†๐’” ๐‘ด๐’‚๐’“๐’•๐’†๐’ ๐‘ญ๐’๐’–๐’๐’…๐’‚๐’•๐’Š๐’๐’ย were mobilised Friday 18 november and proceeded to the collect of waste on the Fort Carrรฉ Beach in Antibes! ๐Ÿ–๏ธ

The 30 volunteers, including Aromatech Group employees, permitted to collect ๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ ๐’Œ๐’Š๐’๐’๐’” ๐’๐’‡ ๐’˜๐’‚๐’”๐’•๐’† !ย A good deed for motivated attendees beside to the association. Most of the collected waste could be treated and recycled. ๐ŸŒฑ

Thanks again to Project Rescue Ocean for their investissement and accompaniment during this volunteering day !

ย  ย