Jacques Martel Foundation supports Adrien Association house project

18 November 2022 | Our actions

Jacques Martel foundation is pleased to announced his support to Adrien Association as part of the holiday house construction dedicated to sick children (suffering from all pathologies). This Holiday center will be decorated with super heros and princess colors and families can take part in specific workshops set up by the association.

We are glade to contribute to the construction of the “Adrien House”, a human large-scale project, which will allow families and children with such special destinies to resolder the family ties.

This project which represents 1 500 000 euros of investment will be open to all children of the whole france. Adrien House will be open all the year and will have about ten rooms on a lad of 5 797m² located in Pegomas.

To lend your support, donate to the association! >> https://associationadrien.org/dons/