Planting trees with the “Des Enfants et des Arbres” association

5 January 2024 | Our actions

Educating children is as important to us as providing them with healthy & sustainable food.
That’s why the mission of the Des Enfants et Des Arbres association caught our attention.
To paraphrase them, the question is: “What if knowing how to plant a tree was as fundamental as knowing the Pythagorean theorem or mastering the past perfect ?
For Des Enfants et des Arbres, the answer is obvious!

The project that the association has proposed to the Jacques Martel Foundation is simple, yet full of meaning and future potential: to accompany a class from the Jean Aicard school in La Crau, in a learning path project with a local farmer. The aim is to plant around 200 trees on a plot of land to multiply their positive impacts (shelter biodiversity, combat drought and soil erosion, naturally regulate pests…). A typical agroforestry project involves combining trees with crops or animals on the same plot of land.

It’s a project we’re very happy to share, and one we’d like to develop a little closer to home in the Grasse hinterland. To be continued in 2024.