Proud to support the Adrien association over the long term!

15 June 2023 | Our actions

The holiday center “La Maison Adrien” was a bold and generous project and challenge.

René Molinès and the members of the Adrien association at his side, have risen to it!

Thanks to this structure, children who sometimes suffer from serious pathologies that keep them away from their families, will have the opportunity to benefit from a dedicated holiday center where they will be welcomed with their parents, brothers and sisters, so that they can get together and renew their ties.

A wonderful way to cheer them up !

Supporting sick children and their families is a core mission for the Jacques Martel Foundation. It is therefore with great pleasure that we renew our financial support for the Adrien association, wishing it success and many happy moments to come.

Thank you to Benoît Martel and Camille Martel for representing the entire governance of the Foundation at the inauguration of “La Maison Adrien” last week.