Support for education and access to clean drinking water in Rufisque!

28 June 2024 | Our actions

The Jacques Martel Foundation supported a campaign by the Agir Ensemble – Safe Water Cube association to co-finance and install 14 fountains and storage tanks in schools in Rufisque, a town in the far west of Senegal.

Rufisque is one of Senegal’s fastest-growing cities.

Jacques Martel Foundation’s contribution focused on the THIAWLENE school, which has 482 pupils.

The aim of the project was to give the pupils access to drinking water, thereby reducing school absenteeism due to water-borne diseases.

In terms of prevention, the children in the schools concerned have been made aware of the need to drink drinking water if they are to be healthy and stay in school.

Today, all the beneficiary schools are autonomous in their management of drinking water, and each child at school is entitled to 20 litres of drinking water per day for his or her family (compared with €0.3 per family per month).

Through this support, which is part of the Jacques Martel Foundation’s “Supporting education” mission, we are delighted to have been able to continue our commitment to the general interest, alongside children.