The Jacques Martel Foundation is once again committed to the Nice Opéra’s “Young Audiences” program.

2 February 2024 | Our actions

The Jacques Martel Foundation shares the objectives of opening up opera and making it accessible to the greatest number of people, especially children.

Strong of the last year’s experience, we are delighted to support the ‘Young Audiences’ program of the Nice Opéra, for the 2nd consecutive year, by helping to finance the participatory opera, SindBad, directed by Benoit Benichou and conducted by composer Howard Moody.

The principle of participatory opera enables elementary school children (75 in total this year) to learn to sing and direct throughout the school year, culminating in a performance that will be shown on the stage of the Opéra de Nice on June 22th & 23rd. An experience that perfecetly fits with the Foundation’s mission to “support education”.

The 3 classes will initially work separately, before coming together in the spring for collective rehearsals.

The Jacques Martel Foundation was pleased to attend the presentation of the show to the children, a moment that was already full of emotion!