Give them a taste for… agriculture, reading, science…

19 March 2024 | Our actions

For us, raising awareness among adults can mean for children giving a taste for.

Several of the initiatives supported by the Jacques Martel Foundation are designed to do precisely that.

That’s why, this week, the Jacques Martel Foundation took part in a planting day in the Var, at Solliès Ville, on Laurent Magnaval’s farm, with CE2 and CM1 pupils from La Crau, under the guidance of the Des Enfants et Des Arbres association.

First, children were asked about the role of trees and hedges, and their answers were rich and confident 📚. We can feel that the concepts of soil protection and agro-ecology are being integrated and with heart!

Then came the questions; here again, we could feel the strong interest on the part of the children.

Finally, it was time for planting. In all, we’re talking about 215 shrubs and saplings, of more than 15 different species, selected to survive today and over time (taking into account changing climatic conditions).

The Jacques Martel Foundation is delighted to be involved in this wonderful human and ecological adventure. Thank you to all the parties involved and well done for the work accomplished.